Resealing a tank

Today I'm going to show you how I reseal an aquarium.
This 10 gallon tank is actually going to be an upgrade for our Betta fish, Betta Ray Bill and his friends the Assassin Snails and the Red Cherry Shrimp.
They all live in a 5.5 gallon right now, but this used 10 Gallon that I picked up for free will make a lovely upgrade.

Bill is an active and curious fish, so he'll love having a little more room to roam and patrol. This will let us put in more plants for the shrimp to hide in and give everyone more room.

I actually resealed this one once before and that is why the silicone is so difficult for me to remove. I made a mess of it though and wanted to re-do it before handing it over to Bill and the gang.

I cannot stress this enough... Do not remove the tape before the silicone is dry. If you have to cut along the edge of the silicone to free the tape later that is fine, but if you remove the tape too early you'll mess up the silicone job.
That was my mistake on this tank when I first tried it a few months ago. It didn't leak, but it looked like a big mess.

I talked to a glazier about the tape and when to peel it, and his recommendation was to peel the tape ASAP while the silicone is still wet and run the smoothing tool over it again to smooth it and work it into the seam. I said after it is dry in the video because I did this tank once already and messed it up by peeling the tape while the silicone was wet, but had a little time to partly cure so it ended up with curled edges where the silicone meets the tape. That is the worst thing you can do is to try and peel the tape when it is starting to cure but not completely dry.


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