RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis filter system

I recently got an RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis filter system because the overwhelming majority of you shrimp keepers out there said that RO water and GH+ remineralizer was going to be the best bet to get my Crystals breeding. Ensuring that the water was right at exactly what they want to have.

I'd been using a mix of Tap water and Distilled to get the TDS/GH and KH down from what's in my tap to the range they like, but this is a more accurate way, starting with RO or distilled and adding the minerals they want and only what they want back in with a remineralizer product. And in the long run this is cheaper than buying jugs of distilled water at the grocery store.

I'll show you all how it works.
To skip ahead to animated explanation of how it works

This RO Buddie on Amazon:
The RO/DI 4 stage version:

With the RO Buddie I worked out my cost for water to be $2.23 per 5 gallons vs $5.99 for distilled at the grocery store, or $4.97 at Walmart. 

The Remineralizer I'm trying right now is called Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+


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