Do You Like Sim Games? - Shrimp Paradise

Not a beginner shrimp keeper anymore? Play this and you will feel like you are. You are greeted with a message in another language (Japanese) and that sets the tone for this sim... Just like in real life the shrimp care products in this game are poorly translated from another language and you will have no clue what to do. You will need a community to help you out just like I said in my recent tips video, but there is none to be found. You will want to do research and there is an encyclopedia button but all you can find in it is that Red Bee shrimp (hint, that's another name for Crystal Reds) are the most basic shrimp in the game and everything else you will need to unlock by playing. You just have to jump in and experiment I guess.

If you know some Japanese maybe you can help me out by translating some of the game screens. :)


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