New Camera Means Better Shrimp Videos

This weekend I bought a new (to me) Nikon D7000 for better photos and videos.
I've been wanting to get back into Stock Photography in a bigger way but some of the things I want to do I'd really benefit from having a slightly newer camera, and now that I'm going a bit deeper into YouTube I also have been wanting a video camera that lets me use some of the tricks I've learned in still photography (not to mention the lenses and other gear I've acquired over the years) in my videos.
That camera in the thumbnail is my actual D7000 and my actual 1970's era manual 55mm macro lens. I took this photo using my older Nikon D80 and 2 SB800 flashes in a bright room with a light grayish wall. Years of still photos have taught me some cool tricks about lighting and optics that I just can't do with a cell phone camera. I'm hoping that I can learn the video equivalent of that now.

If you like the video this camera produces let me know in the comments below or on the YouTube page.

I recommend watching in full 1080p on a TV or large computer screen.  :)


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