Hydra part 2

Hydra are cool little creatures in their own right. They do not age and are immortal, and kind of like their namesake from mythology cutting/breaking them apart just makes things worse. In the Hercules mythology when you cut a head off 2 grew back in it's place. With these guys if you break off a piece now you have 2 hydras.

What I did was take that rock from the last video, and a couple others out and soak them in a mix of 1 part bleach to about 20 parts water. Later we found the driftwood tree we had made, which had the plant I suspected was the carrier as foliage, was just covered in hydra, so it went into the bleach dip for about 45 seconds (I didn't want to kill the plants, just the bugs). Then the "tree went into a tap water rinse, after a few minutes we mixed in some Prime dechorinator in the rinse bucket and let it soak for a bit, then it went back into the tank. the rocks, well we emptied the chlorine bleach mix and re filled the bucket with hot water and just left them soaking.

After all that we fished out what snails we could and dosed the tank with fenbendazole (Panacur C) at the 0.1g per 10 gallon dose that others in the forums, and Youtube have used with success and safely with shrimp.  (but not always safe with snails in the tank during treatment.) I'll be monitoring the tank's ammonia levels in case there are enough snails left behind to die and cause an ammonia spike, but given how new the tank is I don't think there are. Seachem ammonia alert tags make that super easy.

In the meantime, the snails are living in a little fish bowl until things are back to normal.
It's good to keep some spare supplies on hand. we didn't actually have to go out and buy anything. I got the fish bowl about a year ago from someone who just wanted to get rid of a couple, and my first shrimp lived in it for about a month while my shrimp tank was cycling. The Panacur C was something I had picked up ages ago for the tanks as there was a worm outbreak in the Blue Velvet tank, and I thought it would be a good idea to hold on to the more than 3/4 of the package that never got used. Buckets are cheap at home depot and the white ones are even approved for food use!


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