Hydra in the 65 gallon aquarium

Hydras are freshwater polyps, cousins of the jellyfish and corals, belonging to the phylum Coelenterata.
They are introduced to the aquarium from an external source, usually on live plants, and I think that is where I got mine. I think that because all of the rocks and driftwood we put in there were boiled before introduction to the aquarium, the substrate was all new, and I have not seen hydra in our other aquaria, so not cross contamination. Even most of the plants are from tissue cultures, so they should not have been sources, but the few that were not from cultures and sealed in little airtight containers we probably should have chlorine dipped. Well, lesson learned.
We didn't do that because we were only thinking about snails coming on the plants and as anyone who follows this channel/blog knows, I LIKE snails.
Hydra will attack small live foods that you might feed to your fish, they will attack shrimp, and they will attack baby fish (fry).
There is the option to control population by adding fish that would be predators to the hydra, like Blue Gouramis, Mollies, and Paradise fish, but for now because we only have had the Neon Tetras for a week we don't really want to add new fish just yet.
Pond snails are supposed to be pretty good predators for hydra, I hope that the ones we already have in there clean up any hydra that we didn't get out by removing the rocks we saw them on.
...but I'm looking for suggestions on meds that are shrimp and snail safe that work well against hydra.

Comment below if you have some experience.

You can read more about hydra here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_(genus)


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