How to subscribe on YouTube

I thought I should add a little instruction here on how subscribing to a Youtube channel works. Because I am so embedded in the tech world and the Google platform I sometimes forget that it is not so easy and obvious as I might think.

Step 1:
You need to be logged into YouTube.
This is easy if you already have a gmail account. They are linked so you just use your gmail password to log in. If you don't have a gmail account then go ahead and sign up for a new account at either the youtube or gmail site.

Step 2:
Find a video channel you like and look for the red subscribe button, then click it.

85% of the people viewing my videos are not subscribed to them on YouTube or perhaps are not logged in when they go to youtube. Surprisingly most of those people are not coming from this blog which is where I would expect people to find my videos if they are not subscribed, but still only less than 1/4 of my viewers are subscribed. I was visiting my mom the other day and she asked me to help get her subscribed to my youtube channel and I realized that she had never logged in to YouTube. The nice thing is that YouTube doesn't require you to log in just to see a video like Facebook does, but you miss out on some of the conveniences of the site if you don't log in.


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