Update for early Aug 2017

It's been a little while since I posted anything here, so it's time for an update.

Momma's 3rd batch of baby shrimp are about to be born any time now.
There are some young female shrimp in the tank that are reaching maturity, one looks like she could be a mommy shrimp some day soon.
Momma with her 3rd batch of eggs about ready to be born
Momma and 3 younger shrimp of varying size.
The young ones are all her children
This one will probably be the next to be a mommy

While other Blue Velvets will become mothers, there will only ever be one "Momma".

The 16 gallon tank is on hold for now as I'm working on a 3D background (fake rock cliff) to give the shimp multiple levels and some caves and nooks to hide out in. It's made of scrap styrofoam covered in cement, so the cement will take a month or so to properly cure before it and the shrimp can safely share tank space.

3 of my Blue Velvets from Momma's first brood have found a new home in the guppy tank where Anna works. Reportedly they are doing fine and the tank is looking a lot cleaner since they moved in. Shrimp are awesome roommates.

Speaking of cleaning up... here's a video I got this morning of the Malaysian trumpet snail in the shrimp tank eating the algae and gunk under the substrate. MTS are good roommates for shrimp. they get at the stuff the shrimp can't reach. You have to have a plan for population control though. These guys can be really good at making more MTS. My plan is just to keep the one MTS in the tank. They need a friend to make more snails.

The population of ramshorn snails exploded, but we've been picking out some of them to feed to the assassin snails in Bill's tank. Here's a cute shot of the original one I put in this tank and one of her young ones.

While the populations of blue shrimp and blue snails are booming, the Crystal Red shrimp took a hit recently. I'm down to 3 of them. The pregnant one seems to have met an early end. Shortly after fishing out what we think are her remains (there was not enough to tell if it was even a shrimp, but no idea what else it could have been) we witnessed what looked like a mating dance between the 3 remaining reds, but I don't think anything came of it. The female does not look pregnant.

One other population in that tank that is on the rise is seed shrimp (They are not actually shrimp, but little white seed shaped crustaceans). Not sure where they came from but you can see some in the soil in the MTS video above.


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