Shrimp from Mindy

This week saw 15 new Crystal Red and Golden Bee shrimp from Mindy arrive and be added to the 10 Gallon tank.

Some of the blue shrimp will be moving out in September. Some moving to the 16 Gallon tank when I feel it is ready, some to my cousin Daniel's (Mr MacPherson to his students I assume) kindergarten class.
Some of the crystals will move to a tank at Anna's office.

Right now everyone is getting along great, the new shrimp have coloured up a bit (their colours were less vibrant after shipping due to stress, but the reds are getting redder and maybe it's just me, or a trick of the light but I think their whites are getting whiter too. 


  1. Love the unboxing video and the view of the shrimps! Hope they all colored up well for you :) Thanks so much for sharing this !

    1. No Problem. They regained their colours quite quickly. They are looking really good. Just needed some time to adjust and some good eats. :)

      Thanks for your help and the great community you've got going on Facebook.


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