Starting a New Tank

The baby Blue Velvets are getting bigger ...and there are quite a few blue ones, so maybe Don wasn't the daddy, maybe the red/Rili/other odd colours are just random throwbacks to earlier genes in the breeding line, or maybe Don Cherry was the dad, and only some of them are red/other colours because Momma's genes are strong enough to breed mostly blues regardless of having a red dad... anyway, they are getting bigger, and there's another batch on the way any day now.

Look, you can see the eyes!

And.... there's a pregnant Crystal Red Shrimp in there now, so it's going to get crowded in the 10 gallon. ...So I've decided to start a 16 Gallon tall tank where I'll move the adult blues and the CRS in a few weeks. (because the adults are easier to net and move) and over time the blue babies too to keep all the blues in one tank separate from the not so blue Neocaridinas.

I had 3 small bags of different substrates that I had picked up from a fellow hobbyist who was getting out of the hobby. One was Fluval Stratum, which I'd used on the 10 gallon, one was a box of API first layer for plants, and the other... well, I don't know because I had thrown out the box months ago and only kept the sealed inner bag. I don't know what it is, but I'm not quite sure it's going to work.

If it doesn't sink in a day or so I'm going to scoop it out and add more Fluval.

I've stuck a few plastic plants in there to start with, I'll take some Java Fern and Java Moss clippings from the other tank to start off the live plants, but right now I need to wait and see if this dirt sinks or needs to be scooped out and replaced.


  1. That floating substrate is so weird! I've never seen a substrate float like that before!


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