Keeping Fish and Shrimp Together

We have a few shrimp in a tank with a betta. He's normally pretty friendly and tolerant of his shrimp and snail roommates, but that's just this one fish, others are much more aggressive. Even so, his room mates were chosen to help keep his tank clean, and with the understanding that any baby shrimplets will almost certainly become snacks, if not the grown ones. until fairly recently the shrimp mostly hid and were never seen out in the open, just peeking out from behind a sponge filter. They've become more brave lately, but that may be short -lived, as the fish has become a little more curious about their area (the tight space under a cholla wood log and between the log and an ornament) where we tried to give the shrimp a space where he could not bother them....

 ...well, he's discovered that if he tries really hard he CAN fit in there. One of Bill's favorite activities is squeezing though tight spaces, like between the bamboo shoots and the glass, and between the pipe with all the bubbles that he likes to watch (coming from the filter) and the glass, and when we had a HOB filter in there, between the intake and waterfall part and the back wall, and of course through the hole in the stone we put in there that's just big enough for him to comfortably swim through. We, and he, didn't think he could really get into this space though. The shrimp were not impressed. The shrimp in the betta tank are no where near as active as the ones in the shrimp-only tank, and now the spot they thought was a safe place is where Bill has decided he wants to play.


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