The shrimp in the Betta tank

You may recall a few weeks ago we put a few ultra red cherry shrimp into the betta tank, and this was the result: They mostly hid behind the filter. This past week we moved "Don Cherry" the red cherry shrimp that was living with the blue velvet shrimp to Betta Ray Bill's tank with the other red shrimp. With his nonchalant attitude toward the fish he has encouraged the others to be a bit braver. We have also added more fern and a cholla wood log for them to hide near. The shrimp come out from behind the filters a lot more now.

Or at least sit on TOP of the filter sponges instead of hiding behind them.

Bill is a friendly neighbor. The shrimp are still not quite sure about him though. 

[UPDATE:  a couple more photos from today (June 22)]

Don and one of the Ultra Reds hanging out, out in the open.
Bonus: you can see one of the assassins in the second photo. :)


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