New neighbors and landscaping

On Saturday I wanted to get something to feed the upcoming baby shrimp with, so we set out first to the health food store to see if we could find any pollen. Yes, apparently bee pollen is some kind of magical superfood, and every health food shop has it. I got a bag of 250g of pollen granules for $12.99. A small price to pay for such a large quantity of baby shrimp food.

Then it was off to Shrimp Fever to get some more specialized baby shrimp food. Upon the recommendation of  Mindy Haight of the Canadian Aquarium Shrimp Keepers, Breeders and Lovers
I picked up some Shirakura Baby Shrimp Food. As I predicted on the Facebook group, given that Crystal Red Shrimp of A/A+ grade were on sale for $3.25, I ended up picking up 6 of them to go into the shrimp tank with the remaining 6 Blue Velvet Shrimp, and Don the Red Cherry Shrimp. For those who are not yet familiar with shrimp grades, A is essentially the lowest grade, cheapest of the Crystal Red/Black Shrimp. It goes A, S, SS, SSS  and then there are rare patterns and all sorts of specialty things that make one shrimp worth more to the right buyer than another. Technically there exist B and C grades below A, but I have never seen one. I like the A grade though, and they are the best suited to living along side my Blue Velvets.

Anna has been wanting to introduce some shrimp into Betta Ray Bill's tank, but as some of you out there already know, putting any other animal in a betta tank is a bit of a gamble. It totally depends on the individual personality of the betta as to whether he will see shrimp as OK, but strange looking  roommates, or lunch. So we wanted to pick up a couple of cheap Red Cherry shrimp (they are prettier than ghost shrimp) to test the waters. Tommy's store had Red Cherry Shrimp on sale for $1.25 each, so we looked at them, but decided that the average shrimp in that tank was still too small to fend for itself in a tank with a betta, but there were also some slightly more expensive (but still quite affordable at $2.05) Ultra Red cherry shrimp. These shrimp were bigger, so we took the gamble and purchased 4 of them to introduce to Bill's tank.

They came with a tiny little baby though, and the baby was just bite sized for Bill so we decided to put it into the shrimp tank. So, with the one fry and the 6 Crystal Reds, the population of the shrimp tank has doubled today, and while Momma's eggs haven't started to hatch, we do have one little baby swimming around in there somewhere. We probably won't see any sign of him again for quite a while, but he is in there.

The Crystal Red Shrimp and the Blue Velvet Shrimp cannot interbreed, but Don Cherry and the blues can, so eventually we will move Don into the other tank with Bill and the Ultra Reds any fry that come from those may end up as snacks for Bill, or they might survive into adulthood, we will just have to wait and see.

We also picked up some plants while we were at the shop.

This little moss tree, for the shrimp tank, to fill in the gap where we removed some Java Fern to transplant it to the betta tank, and 2 floating moss balls. One will end up in the betta tank, the other I think is destined for a guppy tank at Anna's office.


  1. Great story :) Held my attention the entire time, and also enjoyed the video. Thank you for the mention by the way ;) PS. My adult shrimp love that baby food also, Id love to get an update to see how your shrimp react when you try it.


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