Circle of life

Saturday morning I found one of the Crystal Red Shrimp dead.  :(
It was the one with the most white, so by standard grading rules probably the one of "Highest grade" and therefore carrying the best genes for making higher grade babies, but I like the red crystal reds anyway.
On the other hand we have seen the little guy from the Ultra Reds daily now since Friday. He has colour. Looks just like Don the Red Cherry but miniature. Anna also spotted one of Momma' s babies on Saturday. (even smaller and still clear)
Little Ultra Red has been getting brave and spending a lot of time out in the open near the front of the tank. 
Little Ultra Red on Saturday sitting on a fake plant. Looking just like Don's Mini-me.

Today we saw several of Momma's babies. :)

You can see one of the wee ones on top of each of the cubes. 

Size comparison. One of the Crystal Reds next to one of Momma's wee ones.
They seem to have a red-ish tint. I think Don's probably their dad.


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