A baby shrimp in the Betta tank

Yesterday someone asked me on Facebook "aren't Betta's aggressive toward shrimp?" after seeing the photo of Betta Ray Bill and one of the red shrimp in his tank.

I responded to that question with "You don't want to just stick a Betta and a shrimp colony into a tank together. But, every fish is different. Our Betta is very curious but friendly toward the shrimp and snails in his tank. He did chase the shrimp at first and will shepherd them away from the water surface at his feeding times. ( this is my food you stay down in the corner) the shrimp are getting braver now that we have made some changes to the landscaping to give them more places where he can't get too close. That said, we put cheap but full grown shrimp in there for a reason. If they ever have babies the fish will almost certainly eat them. The shrimp in his tank are there to help keep it clean and provide entertainment. The colony for breeding have a shrimp only tank."

Just hours later, we saw a wee baby shrimp swimming around in the Betta tank. I guess when you are a shrimp hiding in a tight space with 3 other shrimp hoping not to be noticed by that big fish that swims by now and then, you still don't put off plans for starting a family.

This baby looks bigger than Momma's but not as big as "lil Ultra Red" whom we had separated from the other reds the day we brought them home from the store so that Bill wouldn't eat him right away, so the red mom shrimp must have already had eggs that we didn't notice, or got pregnant soon after being put into the tank with Bill.

Did Bill eat all the babies but this one? or are there more of them hiding out in the ferns?


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