Update for the first week of May 2017

I guess it's been over a week since my last post. There is some more sad news. On the morning of Sunday April 30 Anna found another of the shrimp dead. On the plus side, no others have died since then. Although last night Don, the Red Cherry shrimp seemed determined to climb out. He was not successful, but he did seem to be trying. We have a mat of Java moss that I'm trying to grow out in the shrimp tank. It just kind of floats near the top as it's 2 layers of plastic mesh with moss sandwiched in between the layers. The shrimp like to go up there and feed on the algae. Last night Don tried to climb one of the stalks of moss out of the water, after failing to get any grip to climb the wall of the tank. The water tests fine so I have to think he was just searching for more algae. He seems to be the dumb one.

Here's a couple of the Blue Velvets dining on algae in the Java moss mat:

Besides Algae they seem to like Aqueon Betta Pellets. They will not touch the Quattro 2 vegetable shrimp food from Ebita Breed.  I guess if you have to choose between prepackaged freeze dried veggies and freshly picked, I'd go for the fresh stuff too. 

Aside from that, I've been keeping busy with the shrimp tank identifying the various little bugs I have living in it.
We have Snails (that came on the Java fern) and we have Detritus worms (that also came on the java fern) and Cyclops  (little white bugs with the two curved swimming legs that look like antenna and a split tail) those probably came in with the shrimp themselves, and I'm not sure yet what some of the others are.
I have some Panacur (Fenbendazole) dog de-wormer that I plan to use to get rid of the worms as they may not be harmful, but they are unsightly.

I also noticed that one of the Blue Velvets has 3 little white spots on his side. I'm not sure what that is. They don't look like little parasitic bugs hanging off him so not likely Scutariella or leeches, could be snails eggs, we do have little snails in there. It doesn't look like any disease I have seen so maybe he just has spots.

Sorry about the blurry photos, I had to use my phone to get these.

Now that my shrimp have matured a bit I think I really only have the one female. She's saddled, but not berried yet. Soon I hope. I really want to see some baby shrimp in the tank.


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