Spa day for the shrimp

While this may sound like it should be a part of "What are the little bugs in my aquarium" I'm not really going to talk a lot about the bugs, just how I'm attempting to fix the problem. If you want to learn more about the bugs themselves follow the links in the text below.

A while back I noticed these spots on the side of one of my shrimp.

Jessica Lawrence-Hall over on the Aquarium Shrimp Keeping facebook group said that they looked like the eggs of Scutariella japonica, which was something that she was currently treating in her shrimp. Scutariella are a type of small flatworm that attach themselves to a host shrimp and lay eggs in their gills. Then when the shrimp molts, the eggs come away with the molt, hatch and attach themselves to a new shrimp.

After Jessica suggested that they might be Scutariella eggs, I started scooping out any molts in case she was right. Despite not seeing any clear sign of the adult Scutariella , which look kind of like little white leaches usually stuck the the shrimp's head or limbs, recently these spots have appeared on a couple of the others. So, I decided to follow Rachel O'Leary's advice (who mistakenly refers to them as Scutalleria Japonica, which is a flower, oops, everyone gets to make a typo now and then, still love her as a source of info about fish and shrimp) and give each of the shrimp a salt dip.

I prepared a solution of 1 table spoon of aquarium salt to a cup of water, and poured that into a bowl that I would be able to net them back out of fairly easily.

I then netted each shrimp one at a time and put them into the salt bath for 30-60 seconds, then into a bucket of their aquarium water.  My wife, Anna was a big help in this whole process.

I have suspected that one more shrimp than I knew about had passed away early on, as I could never seem to find them all. I always came up at least one short when trying to count them, today I think I have confirmed that. After scooping all of the shrimp I could find out and giving them their salt dip I reached into the tank and started moving things around to see if I could find that last hide and seek champion, to no avail. There are only 6 Blue Velvet shrimp. ...or that 7th Blue Velvet really is king of hide and seek.

After about 15 minutes or so had passed with all 7 shrimp (including Don Cherry) sitting in the bucket, I scooped them up one at a time and dipped them for another 30 seconds each before returning them to the tank. This is supposed to kill off any adult Scutariella, so now I just have to continue to be vigilant in removing any molts that might contain eggs.


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