Rod MacPherson: Shrimp Paparazzi

So with the day off work, the weather wet and me not feeling great, I sat in a stakeout by the shrimp tank for about an hour this morning to get a rare glimpse of Momma shrimp. Here are the first photos of her in quite some time.

Mamma Shrimp's castle

She is still doing well even though she's been a bit of a recluse lately. You can see she's developing a nice new saddle, so she'll be ready to breed again shortly after this group are born. Speaking of the babies being born, It looks like we have about a week left to go.

The other girl in the tank might be carrying eggs soon too. Judging by her and the boys' behaviour recently. She's been doing some of the same grooming that Momma did before she got pregnant, grooming her swimerette (pleopod) area with her back walking legs. and the boys have been very active, swimming around a lot more than usual.


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