New Stuff For The Shrimp Tank

Today I had the day off work, and 2 of the fish stores I like in Scarborough had stuff I wanted on sale. So, I went to Shrimp Fever to get some Indian Almond (Cappata) leaves for the shrimp and the betta, and picked up a new shrimp food to try. I got them some Hikari Crab Cuisine because I had read that other people's shrimp like it as a high protein food. I haven't tried it yet as I don't think they need a protein meal just yet, but I will try it out later this weekend.

Next up was Big Al's Scarborough for Assassin snails. (2 for $1.99!) One was added to the shrimp tank and one went into the tank with the big Java fern in the basement. We've been holding the fern in a 10gallon spare tank while we get the recroom floor done so we can move our big 65 gallon in there, and that's where most of that fern will end up. Meanwhile, the assassin snail is tasked with ridding the fern holding tank of any pest pond snails.
Snail hiding among the rocks.

"I'm a Rock." can you spot the snail hiding among the rocks? :)

Also, today my TDS (total dissolved solids) meter finally arrived in the mail. The shrimp tank is a nice comfy 262 TDS.
Betta Ray Bill's tank, which is filled using the same tap water and same treatment is 650 TDS, fine for Bill, but too high for the shrimp, but I think that's the result of there still being some salt in there from when he was being treated for fin rot. We'll have to do a major water change before introducing any shrimp as room mates.

[UPDATE: the assassin snail has been removed from the shrimp tank for fear of it attacking the babies (particularly when we though mamma had dropped her eggs) Both our assassin snails now live with Betta Ray Bill in his otherwise snail-free tank. We feed them crab cuisine pellets. This requires us to distract bill while we place a pellet on the bottom near a snail. Bill doesn't normally look at the bottom for food, but if he sees it on it's way down he'll eat it.]


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