Maybe she's not going to be a mamma this time

The shrimp who had the eggs, "mamma shrimp" seems to have dropped them. I feel bad because I think it was due to the stress from the salt dip they all got on the weekend. ...but I'd rather rid the colony of a parasite than have it in there once the little ones are born.  It's much easier to deal with when you have only a handful of adult shrimp than once you have dozens in all sizes.

Shrimp eggs have been known to hatch on their own (particularly if the mother dies while carrying them) so there is a chance that somewhere in the tank there are eggs that are still developing and might soon become baby shrimp even without mamma protecting them. I've removed the assassin snail in case that is the case. Shrimp eggs on their own have no defense against even a slow moving predator like that.

Mamma shrimp will be ready to try again in a few weeks, so even if this group of eggs is lost, it's not the end of her line.


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