Cleaning an aquarium

I came across this YouTube video from Cory at Aquarium Co-Op that will really simplify the process of cleaning aquariums around here. I'd been doing something like this because I'd been completely frustrated with the little squeeze ball pump that came with our siphon because the valve in it doesn't work properly. When you squeeze it water flows out in both directions, then sucks from both directions until you get some momentum going or give up and fill the hose another way. Cory's method for getting the siphon started is so simple, and is going to ease a lot of frustration.

Also his tip for sponge filters will help a lot especially in the betta tank. Getting the sponge off the Hang-On-Back filter intake without squezing muck out of it into the tank has been a challenge, this simple tip will solve that.

I should have been able to think of these things on my own, and given that I was part way to the siphon solution already probably would have eventually, but sometimes a little tip from someone who's already been through it goes a long way.

Thanks Cory, if you ever see this!


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