They Are Getting Comfy

The Blue Velvets have gotten pretty comfy with their new home.
They graze a lot on the Java ferns and even the plastic plants that have been in the tank all month have lots of algae, so they graze there. A few have molted

These little guys are really good at hide and seek, (well the hide part anyway), even without any predators in the tank with them. Any time I've tried to do a head count the best I can get is 7 velvets and the cherry. No signs of any of them being ill or falling dead, so I think everything is going well.

It's becoming more apparent which are the females now.  None are berried (carrying eggs under her belly) yet, but there are a few that definitely have the mature female trait of the yellow saddle (ovaries).

Betta Ray Bill ...

(our Betta) has donated his castle to the shrimp tank. We think that some of the edges were a bit sharp for him, and like most bettas he loves to squeeze through tight spaces, so he was always going through the opening of the little cave under the castle, even though it was a bit tight for a betta and too small to offer him any hiding space.

The Shrimp love it though. A few were caught playing king of the castle on it last night.
This girl seemed to have conquered it as queen just before I turned in for bed.


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