It begins

Ok, so my wife said a couple of months ago that she wanted an aquarium (or maybe it was a fish). I wanted to not kill a fish, so I started learning all I can about aquariums. In the process I discovered freshwater dwarf shrimps and I think that they are super cool. So, after we got the Betta tank set up, and I put out an ad on Kijiji (the Canadian equivalent of Craig's List)  looking for whatever free aquarium equipment I could scrounge for a bigger planted tank that she wanted to put together, I started thinking about a small shrimp tank of my own.

I ended up gathering a lot of cool free stuff from local aquarists who were downsizing, or getting rid of things they no longer wanted. In fact, other than the heater and live marimo moss balls, everything in the shrimp tank so far was free. I highly recommend this route as a great way to get started.

On April 1, 2017 I set up a 10 gallon shrimp tank and started cycling it.
Here is a photo from that first weekend.


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