First shrimp

Here are some photos of my first shrimp. He (she?) was a stowaway on a large java fern that we got from one of Anna's coworkers. I know there's at least one other stowaway in that plant somewhere, but I can't find her. I know I poured 2 live shrimps out of the bag the fern was transported in into the 10 gallon tank that currently houses the fern (and is almost completely filled by it!) while we replace the floor in the recroom and get the 65 gallon tank set up. I've only managed to find this one again and move him to a fish bowl where I can keep an eye on him while the shrimp tank finishes cycling.

And a video of him the first night I had him in the bowl.

Notice how clear/white he was that first night, and how much more red in the photos taken today (just 5 days later) In the video he looks like a white pearl, but in the photos you can clearly see he's a cherry. It's probably a combination of stress, age, and food (I did drop a couple of Betta colour enhancing food pellets into the bowl, which he may or may not have snacked on. Really, I've only seen him grazing on the algae and microbes on the bits of fern I put in with him.


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