Colour Changes, Getting Ready

I knew before I started that cherry shrimp do change their colour from different amounts of red colouring to fairly clear (and the reverse) depending on food, stress, camouflaging, how young they are, and who knows what other variables might come into play.

What I did not expect to see was how much change can happen even in a few hours. I only have the one shrimp right now (and it's in a little fish bowl, so I know that there are not 2 of them hiding out in that little space, there's definitely only the one. but I can look at him mid-day and he'll be grazing away and looking quite red. A few hours later I'll have trouble spotting him because his colour has almost completely drained.

This weekend I am going to drive over to Shrimp Fever, my local fish store that specializes in shrimp, to pick up my first breeding colony of 10 shrimp. The tank seems to be cycled. I have a little ammonia in it still that I added just to test that it can process it quickly through to Nitrate.
Shrimp Fever has a sale on right now on Crystal Blacks, so that is probably what I will start off with. I still want to have a breeding colony of blue Neocaridina, but I want to take advantage of the sale price on the crystals, and I know there is a hobbyist nearby that will be selling some blue neos soon enough,


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