One food that my shrimp really like, and I feed to them about once a week is Snowflake Food. This is one of those foods specifically marketed for shrimp. In truth it is used for other animal feeds too, and even as fuel for pellet stoves to keep people's homes warm. It is made up of the hulls of soybeans, and it's just a by product of producing human foods, but its full of protein and vitamins and minerals, so it's quite healthy for the shrimp and they just LOVE it.💖

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You can never be too safe

I just bought a few of these for the aquarium tanks that are not connected to an in-wall GFCI outlet.


I have decided NOT to use these. After a few weeks trying them out, I find that there is a severe problem for aquarium use. If the power goes out, even for a second it will physically shut off the power to whatever is connected to it. The result is that the aquarium will be shut off when the power comes back. This is a poor substitute for in-wall GFCI for this use.

Watch one of the baby shrimp being born


Baby Shrimp - Crystal Red update June 2018

We have baby shrimp in the Crystal Red tank. Lots and lots of baby shrimp. :)

Resealing a tank

Today I'm going to show you how I reseal an aquarium.
This 10 gallon tank is actually going to be an upgrade for our Betta fish, Betta Ray Bill and his friends the Assassin Snails and the Red Cherry Shrimp.
They all live in a 5.5 gallon right now, but this used 10 Gallon that I picked up for free will make a lovely upgrade.

Bill is an active and curious fish, so he'll love having a little more room to roam and patrol. This will let us put in more plants for the shrimp to hide in and give everyone more room.

I actually resealed this one once before and that is why the silicone is so difficult for me to remove. I made a mess of it though and wanted to re-do it before handing it over to Bill and the gang.

I cannot stress this enough... Do not remove the tape before the silicone is dry. If you have to cut along the edge of the silicone to free the tape later that is fine, but if you remove the tape too early you'll mess up the silicone job.
That was my mistake on this tank wh…

The Next Shrimp Tank.

I'm getting another tank ready.
I want to put another kind of shrimp in it, but I'm not sure what shrimp to put in.

I also have a little 1 gallon desktop tank that I  am going to put some shrimp into soon. I could use that for another small group of shrimp of a different type again, or I could just take some of the Blue Velvet shrimp and move them into this little tank.... decisions decisions... What kind of shrimp should I put in the new tanks?

Crystal Red Shrimp Tank Update - May 2018

So much success!
There are now 4 shrimp moms in the Crystal Red tank