Crystal Red baby pics

Finally! The first baby photos of the Crystal Red babies. I especially like the 3rd pic for scale... look on the skeleton of an Indian Almond leaf directly above the adult shrimp. the green plastic leaf is pointing right at him. :)

The Assassin Snails have been busy

See those little square sacks on the plant and in the holes in the gear on the aquarium decoration? Guess what those are... Assassin snail eggs.

There are 2 adults and a rarely seen young one in this tank, with our Betta and I picked up 3 more for another tank but it looks like we may have a bunch of little ones in the near future. I guess I've been keeping them well fed.

Checking in on the Blue Velvets

I guess it's been a little while since I last showed my Blue Velvet tank.
They are doing really well.
8 months in and the colony has really grown from the original 10 despite a few deaths and a few giveaways.
Check out this video and see how well they are all getting on, lots of mommy shrimp in there and You'll even spot some of my red headed blues. :)

Christmas Time - Part 2

At least one of the Crystal Reds likes playing in the lego tree.

...and so that the Blue Velvets weren't left out I managed to add some Christmas bling to their tank too.  :)

Happy Holidays everyone,

-Rod and the Shrimps

Christmas time, and everyone is getting into the spirit of the season

The Crystal Red Shrimp have a good old-fashioned German tanenbaum christmas tree hung upside down in their tank.

Bill has some nice little snowflake lights around the outside of this tank and some gift boxes that it seems he just can't wait to see opened.

...and we've hung up a stocking for him. 

no decorations on the Blue Velvet tank yet, but they are busy.  Last count at a feeding time a few days ago there were nearly a dozen berried mommy shrimp in there. They are expecting quite a few new years babies. :)

The Crystal Reds have a mommy shrimp too now!

After months and watching their population drop and eventually moving them to their own tank separate from the neocaridinas, so they could have water conditions closer to what they prefer, and still 2 more months of waiting... finally there is an expecting mother among my Crystal Red Shrimp. 😁 The Blue Velvet neos have 3 new mommy shrimps. It's a little cold out for shipping fish, but in the spring I might share some with my friends from the Canadian Aquarium Shrimp Keepers, Breeders and LoversFacebook group.

Betta Ray Bill wants to be a daddy

Bill has a new hobby that takes up most of his time... building, tending to and guarding his bubble nest.  I am not sure how to break it to him but he's never going to meet a girl betta. We can't afford the number of little tanks it would take to have baby bettas. Bill tending to his nest.