The Next Shrimp Tank.

I'm getting another tank ready.
I want to put another kind of shrimp in it, but I'm not sure what shrimp to put in.

I also have a little 1 gallon desktop tank that I  am going to put some shrimp into soon. I could use that for another small group of shrimp of a different type again, or I could just take some of the Blue Velvet shrimp and move them into this little tank.... decisions decisions... What kind of shrimp should I put in the new tanks?

Crystal Red Shrimp Tank Update - May 2018

So much success!
There are now 4 shrimp moms in the Crystal Red tank

And Another New Crystal Red Mom

If you've been following this blog or my Youtube for any time at all, you know I wasn't having much luck with my Crystal Red Shrimp.

Well that's all changing now. Now there are 2 mommies to be in that tank. I posted a video clip of one yesterday, and here is the other. I know they look very much alike, but trust me there are 2 of them.

The new Crystal Red Mom

As I discovered Sunday night, one of our Crystal Red shrimp is finally berried (pregnant). In the almost 1 year I have had Crystals we've only seen one batch of babies. There will be more little baby shrimp in the CRS tank in about a month. It's been hard getting the conditions just right, but hopefully this is just the first of many.

First View of the New Mommy Shrimp in the Crystal Red Tank

From the Shrimp Food Challenge video. If you follow this link it will take you straight to mommy shrimp.

Shrimp Food Challenge

The YouTube channel Shrimp Stop started an eating challenge.
The challenge is to eat something you feed your shrimp. It got to be pretty gross pretty quickly, but see what I did when I was nominated into the challenge.

Do You Need A Heater For a Shrimp Tank?

The short answer is "maybe". Check out the video for more, and read the discussion in the comments on it too!